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Welcome to Efficient and Effective Component Maintenance

Proactive testing with Engine Guard® Oil Analysis helps PetroChoice and Dyna-Plex 21C® customers avoid catastrophic failures that could cost far more than regular routine maintenance. Developed primarily for heavy-duty and fleet operators, the Engine Guard program is now a powerful business support tool for fleets, on-road and off-road construction companies, agricultural equipment operators, and more. More than 2,000 customers depend upon the program to protect equipment and optimize investments.

5 Reasons Engine Guard Oil Analysis Is Necessary

1 - Predictive awareness to identify and rectify potential problems before they occur
2 - Reduction of risk of breakdowns which minimize costs and inconvenience
3 - Optimization of lubricant oil life
4 - Extended life of the machinery component
5 - Minimized maintenance requirements

Engine Guard oil analysis saves engines by detecting component wear, including indicators for lead, iron, aluminum, copper, chromium, tin and silica/silicon (dirt), monitoring viscosity for excessive thinning or thickening of engine oil, fuel dilution, and soot content, and testing for contaminants, including antifreeze, water, sodium and potassium.

How the Engine Guard Oil Analysis Program Works

All Dyna-Plex 21C customers are invited to enroll in the Engine Guard Oil Analysis Program. Once enrolled, oil analysis kits are provided to customers. Customers can choose to sample any mineral oil based lubricants on any piece of equipment. Detailed instructions are provided on gathering and sending the samples to PetroChoice. Engine Guard analysis will show wear metal ratings of A (Normal), C (Warning), and X (Critical). Once the sample is received, it’s tested for the properties the customer requested. The testing and reporting process is completed in a 24-hour turnaround. Results are posted online for customers to access and review.

Optional Testing Available:

  • Total Base Number (TBN)
  • Additive Check
  • Particle Count (LPD)

Customers may also request coolant analysis and provide coolant samples using the same sample kits and procedures for oil analysis. Coolant testing requires a minimum of five business days.

Industry Compliance

All processes in the Engine Guard program are governed by the American Society for Testing Materials’ methods and procedures, in which accuracy is determined by participation in cross-check programs.

“Today’s high-performance engines must be monitored and supported to perform reliably and keep maintenance costs down. The Engine Guard program allows customers to keep their fingers on the pulse of heavy-duty equipment. It’s an early indicator of problems that can be corrected before they cause sudden equipment failures or prolonged downtime.”
– Mike Wyant, PetroChoice Director of Technical Services