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Dyna-Plex 21C SHPD Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Shows Impressive Results After 550,000-Mile Test

Recently, Dyna-Plex 21C® SHPD SAE 10W-30 with API CK-4 technology was tested in a long-haul Class A major trucking fleet. The three-and-a-half-year test pushed the limits of engine performance by operating almost continuously at around 140,000 miles per year and extending drain intervals by at least 30%. After 550,000 miles, the Moove team of experts, along with the fleet maintenance crew, tore down an engine to inspect each part for wear and cleanliness. They found minimal bore polishing, minimal wear on rings, and almost no carbon buildup. The Camshaft looked great and easily met the Cummins reusability guidelines. Overall, the experts agreed that these parts all looked good to go back into the engine for the next go around.

This test proved Dyna-Plex 21C SHPD 10W-30 provides:

  • Outstanding Engine Protection
  • Exceptional Engine Cleanliness; and
  • Excellent Wear Protection.

For high-quality protection and performance, and service that goes beyond the sale, choose Dyna-Plex 21C SHPD SAE 10W-30 from Moove.

Moove Engineering and Lubrication Expertise Saves Food Manufacturer $22,900 Annually

CHALLENGE:  A food manufacturer operates a critical dryer system consisting of the kiln, drive chain, ring, and rollers. The dryer support system was previously lubricated with heavy, black, tacky graphite grease, applied manually, twice each day, six days per week. The labor involved in greasing the unit was 30-minutes per application, one hour per day, or 168 hours annually. Grease consumption was one pail per week at $750 per pail or about $21,000 per year.

SOLUTION:  Moove technical advisors recommended the installation of an automatic lube system to apply a high-viscosity, extreme-pressure grease in precise quantities at scheduled intervals. Oil consumption with this system is only four gallons per week, less than two drums per year.

RESULTS:  The ring and rollers are now effectively lubricated with minimal direct labor, roughly one hour per week to check and maintain the auto-lube unit. The unsightly mess and difficult clean-up of the excess grease have been eliminated. The area is cleaner and safer for plant personnel. The net labor savings is $4,900 per year. Purchasing expense to lubricate the dryer support system has been reduced by $18,000 annually. Total savings are $22,900. The initial investment for the purchase and installation of the lube unit was $17,000, yielding a first-year net savings of $5,900.

Moove Reclamation Service Reduces Cutting Oil Costs by $38,000

CHALLENGE:  An automotive supplier, using premium Dyna-Plex21C cutting oils for various machining jobs in the facility, noticed that over time the oils began to lose their cutting efficiency, tools costs rose, and productivity suffered. Machine oils, hydraulic fluids, and particulate matter contaminated the cutting oils during manufacturing and chip-spinning processes.

SOLUTION:  Full replacement of the cutting oil would have been costly and time consuming. So, as an alternative, Moove technical advisors designed a reclamation program to restore the cutting oil to original condition. To remove the particulate matter, the oil is filtered through dual-filter bag filtration units. The oil is then additized to new-oil level and packaged in new 330-gallon plastic totes. The entire operation is completed in three days, entirely on site.

RESULTS:  7,260 gallons of used cutting oil was filtered and re-additized, producing 7,920 gallons of like-new oil. The lower cost of reclaimed oil vs. new oil purchases represents a net savings of $38,195.