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Dyna-Plex 21C products are in demand for on- and off-road fleets and equipment, industrial equipment, and metalworking and cutting applications. If you have a specific question or area of interest, the Dyna-Plex 21C team at PetroChoice, Inc. is ready to help. 

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Experts in Lubrication Technology

As one of the largest distributors of lubrication products and services, PetroChoice is home to many of the nation’s most knowledgeable technical experts in lubrication and equipment. From on- and off-road engine oil formulations, to industrial greases and lubrication solutions, to specialty metalworking fluids and cleaners, these PetroChoice advisors help formulate, blend and apply the science of lubrication to the benefit of customers and businesses from coast to coast.

Dyna-Plex 21C Heavy-Duty Experts

Rick Palmore
Vice President, PetroChoice / West Division
With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Rick Palmore brings real-world skills to PetroChoice customers. Rick's leadership in the West Division includes sharing his knowledge of lubrication solutions for heavy-duty on- and off-road fleets, industrial equipment, and passenger vehicles with PetroChoice sales advisors and customers. 

Rick began his career with Univeral Lubricants in Wichita, Kansas, now owned by PetroChoice, where he received lubricant product performance and technical training from industry leaders such as Pennzoil, Shell, Citgo, Infineum, Castrol Industrial, Valvoline, American Petroleum Institute and NORA. He was instrumental in Universal's success, including leading a 60+ member sales team, launching new product lines, overseeing environmental services, and in additive and blending operations.

Mike Wyant
Director of Technical Services, PetroChoice / West Division
For 21 years Mike Wyant has guided product formulation and laboratory functions for Universal Lubricants in Wichita, Kansas. Now, as a member of the PetroChoice team, Mike continues to manage all PetroChoice laboratory instrumentation and manages all quality control functions for blending operations in the West Division. He uses his broad and extensive knowledge of lubrication technology and science to create formulations for new and modified products, perform customer lubricant surveys, and make product recommendations to further company productivity goals. Mike is also a gifted educator, conducting surveys for customers and sales staff, assisting in marketing projects, and providing in-depth training sessions for customers, sales personnel and other employees across the PetroChoice system.

Sonny Mays
Director of Heavy-Duty Technical Sales, PetroChoice / West Division
A veteran of heavy-duty oil and lubricant sales and service, Sonny Mays consults with prospective and current customers across North America. Mays conducts failure analysis tests and other engine and component analysis for over-the-road fleets and off-road heavy equipment. His practical, in-field working knowledge of heavy-duty equipment and Dyna-Plex 21C® solutions is unmatched.

Dyna-Plex 21C Industrial and Metalworking Experts

Neil F. Hasson BS, MBA, MA, CLS
Director of Technical Services, PetroChoice
Neil Hasson is an automotive and manufacturing lubrication industry leader. As Director of Technical Services for PetroChoice, Neil provides education, marketing, and training support to PetroChoice employees and customers throughout the U.S., with special attention to the Dyna-Plex 21C® line of metalworking products. For the past 22 years, Neil has worked in field sales and engineering, developing products, assisting customers, and improving manufacturing performance. He continues to train and guide PetroChoice field sales personnel to bring real value to customers.

Neil gained valuable metalworking industry experience while working for Mobil Oil Corporation, supplying and servicing automotive manufacturers and direct suppliers throughout Michigan.

Neil’s recognized leadership skills were honed during 10 years of service in the U.S. Army Field Artillery; he earned a bachelor of science in engineering from West Point; gained a master of business administration from Pepperdine University; and a master of arts in Soviet-European Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Ross Smith
General Manager, Miller Industrial Fluids (now PetroChoice)

A leader in metalworking fluids, Ross Smith has been with Miller Industrial Fluids for 23 years. As the business's general manager he is an expert problem solver, drawing on extensive technical and operational experience. He oversees all sales support, product applications, and process improvements; and his experience includes product application and development, field support, technical support, and blending. As the former company owner, Ross understands the challenges and practical day-to-day needs of those he serves.

Ross's past and current industry associations and certifications include membership in the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA I), and membership in the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association.

“The Dyna-Plex 21C team at PetroChoice is characterized by technical expertise and industry knowledge. There’s no room for error. Our customers need the right product recommendation for the right application at the right time. That’s what we deliver.”
– Shane O’Kelly, PetroChoice CEO